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Founded in London, 1996. The team has been active for 25 years. Thus, making us one of the most experienced and dedicated paranormal teams in the UK. We remain open-minded dependent on our own experiences. Yet, respect all views.

‘Is there life after death?’ – It’s something many people laugh about, but deep down desperately want to know.  



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Explore the UK’s most reputed haunted locations. Our events allow you to experience genuine investigations with the team.

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The foundation of any case study that we undertake, is to treat it as a blank canvas. Although, we take into account all factors associated with previous reports. We can only determine the significance based on our own findings.

Once we determine that the case has substance. We will follow a strict set of guidelines and protocols in sequential order. This will enable us to carry out research accordingly and to add weight to the case study.

After we have exhausted all possibilities and carried out a full case review. We will offer the client our expert opinion, how we reached our conclusion and next steps to take. Any evidence obtained during the investigation will remain strictly confidential, unless we have explicit permission to share our findings.