“In an industry where integrity is vital. Bad practice and the lack of an accurate approach is on the rise! We want to restore credibility and rationality back to the paranormal field. Genuine research is a must, this is what we bring.”

We are a research organisation rather than an events company. Traveling the length and breadth of the UK, undertaking investigations upon request. Real everyday people wanting help and advice. Answering phone calls to listen to people’s experiences/concerns. Responding to hundreds of messages. Furthermore, doing all we can to educate the public when dealing with potential phenomena. We clearly highlight the bad habits and give professional explanations to submitted evidence.
Several respectable researchers have captured evidence over the last 30 years. So, the question we ask ourselves now is not IF there are ghosts but WHAT exactly are they? Remnants, matter, energy, spirit! Hence, we always merge a scientific explanation and approach into our investigations. It is vital to remain level headed and understand what role science undoubtably has to play within this field.
We do not charge. In principle there is no fee/cost. We do what we do out of passion and intrigue. All we ask for is if the cost of petrol gets covered (Can vary based on location). This enables us to carry out the investigation without any negative financial impact. As an organisation who are self funded, we accept donations. So, if you were happy and satisfied with the service you received. Than of-course we would absolutely welcome any contribution towards our research. But, this is optional and at the landlord/persons discretion.
Anyone armed with a camera and equipment can claim to be a ‘ghost hunter’. But for us, as advised by the late Maurice Grosse (The Enfield Poltergeist). An investigation should remain structured, basic and completely evidence based. Judge a team by its findings and feedback. Not by the amount of equipment compiled or locations visited. Aim to be regarded as investigators or researchers, not hunters!”. First and foremost, we only produce content that adds significance to the field of paranormal studies. By doing this, we want to build trust, captivate our audience and to keep people engaged in all that we do.
It may take years and dozens of investigations at the same location. To compile enough evidence to declare it haunted. In over 20 years of research and countless investigations. We have only obtained a handful of recordings/occurrences that we class as true evidence. Yes, we have had many experiences but in an industry where seeing is believing. The only way to prove the existence of the afterlife is to capture a full blown manifestation on camera. Eye witness testimony, equipment measuring the environment analysed. Especially have all angles covered and several cameras recording at that precise time. In the hope to eradicate doubt and to consequently appease sceptics. But even then, it’s going to get debunked and deemed a hoax or fake. So, all we can do is remain true to ourselves and our methods, in the hope that one day if we do happen to catch THAT moment. We would have built up enough trust and respect within the field to earn peoples credibility.

“The truth is, it was never our intention to go down the Public Events route. It was an avenue we had no choice but to pursue.”

Within the last few years, we have seen a sharp rise in event companies. When we first started out over 20 years ago, more often than not.. we could walk in to most locations and carry out our research at no charge. However the industry changed. Therefore we had to adapt to stand any chance of gaining access to these fantastic locations. Hence why we had to organise events, reach out to the public and begin charging people to attend. But, guests are always receptive to our reasonings, the low prices and it shows in the reviews we receive.

“We endeavour to get to the crux of the question ‘Is there life after death?’. And we thank each and every person who has supported us on our journey so far.”

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