Meet Our Team

Hazel Williams
Hazel WilliamsHead of Investigations
Hazel’s fascination into the world of paranormal research began in the early 1970’s when introduced to TV programmes ‘The Mysterious World of Arthur C Clarke’ and ‘Project Blue Book’.

From then on in she was hooked. Also, growing up in London with its dark history and its plentiful ghost stories would provide her with the tools she needed to later form Spectrum.

A quote from Hazel:

“When travelling, you take good care of your luggage because it holds your valuable possessions inside. Your body is a suitcase for your soul, treat it with the same respect… for it carries something more precious.”

James Williams
James WilliamsHead of Operations
The paranormal has always interested James deeply. Trying to solve all the unanswered questions, is what has held his fascination on this subject.

The role he undertakes within the team is to contact different locations via phone or email and liaise with them to organise Investigations and Events. He is also responsible for finding new case studies for the team to research.

James remains sceptical when investigating and will do always. Until he cannot prove otherwise.

Dean Williams
Dean WilliamsHead of Social Media
Dean has been fascinated with “ghosts” ever since the age of 3. He has never been the same after watching the film Ghostbusters. Most children dream of becoming a Policeman, Fireman etc. He wanted to be a ‘Ghostbuster’.

So, when the opportunity arose to join a team such as this came to fruition, his childhood dream would come true. So, as you could imagine, he snapped it up.

As head of social media. Dean’s task is to broadcast Spectrum Paranormal Investigations’ message to a wider audience, promoting events, keeping followers engaged and kept informed with all findings and investigations undertaken.

More About Spectrum

Not everyone is lucky enough to fulfil their passions in life. And although we hold regular day jobs, the excitement of being able to travel the length and breadth of the U.K, getting to visit people from all backgrounds and exploring some breathtaking locations along the way, is truly a dream come true for every member of the team. We do not try to fool ourselves into thinking that we will be successful in this field, but we are serious about what we do and that is to gather evidence of the paranormal.

We would like to point out that anyone armed with a camera etc can claim to be a ‘ghost hunter’. But for us, as personally advised by the late Maurice Grosse (The Enfield Poltergeist). An investigation should be kept “Structured, basic and completely evidence based. A team should be judged by its findings and feedback, NOT by the amount of equipment compiled or locations visited. Aim to be known as investigators or researchers, not hunters!”.

So, as you visit our site please bare in mind that we will only display our own content, public submitted articles that we have approved or what we believe has significance within the field of paranormal studies. So, there may be stories and reports that perhaps you already know of on this site, but this is kept to a minimum as our aim is to provide our own material as and when it happens.

We endeavour to collect evidence by any means necessary and will only share what we feel is fit for purpose. By doing this, we hope to build trust, captivate our audience and keep people engaged in all that we do. We will not mislead anyone in any way, shape or form.

If you wish to share your own sightings, experiences or stories relating to any paranormal phenomenon. Then please refer to our ‘Contact Page‘ and we will be happy to respond.

Investigations Carried Out by Spectrum

Spaniards Inn – Hampstead, London

Chichester Observer – West Sussex

The Ostrich Inn – Osterley

Clophill Saint Mary’s Church – Bedfordshire

The Gatehouse – Highgate, London

The Viaduct Tavern – City of London

The Prospect of Whitby – Wapping

Hampstead Cemetery – Hampstead, London

The Ye Old Fighting Cock Tavern – St. Albans

Morpeth Arms – Milbank, London

Pluckley Village – Pluckley, Kent.

Rendlesham Forest – Woodbridge

The Grenadier Public House – Kensington, London

The Lars Hum – Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire

Skirrid Inn – Abergavenny – S. Wales

The Ancient Ram Inn – Gloucester

Bodmin Jail – Cornwall

The Percy Shelly Public House – Bournemouth