There are 5 kinds of categories for classifying encounters with UFOs.

Close Encounters of the first kind is when you see a UFO within close range.

Close Encounters of the second kind Is when evidence of a landing has taken place.

Close Encounters of the third kind Is when the occupants of the UFO can be seen.

Close Encounters of the fourth kind involves abduction by Aliens.

Close Encounters of the Fifth kind involves direct communication between humans
and Aliens.


UFOs have been recorded as far back as 6BC and throughout history, we have probably documented more sightings of UFOs than any other paranormal event known to man. Why are we so fascinated with these objects, it can be said that even if you are a non-believer in the phenomenon of UFOs the fact that you acknowledge them in the first place means there is something to argue about, sure you may be a believer or even someone who has had one of the above encounters, it can only be said that whatever the case may be someone knows the truth. If you really begin to look at the probability of space travel.

You will first have to understand the laws that govern our universe Time, Space & Energy these 3 elements alone would make it possible for someone to travel across the universe if you knew how to use them for the purpose of space travel. By bending time, you shorten the space it takes to get from one point to another and by shortening the time it takes you to do the journey you save energy so therefore you will need to use a craft that uses a propulsion based system in order to achieve a speed that we cannot yet deal with on earth, so, therefore, space travel could work, if we only knew how to master these 3 universal laws we could travel in such a way that UFOs do.

We on earth have only just begun to scrape the surface of space travel itself, but who’s to say what the future holds for mankind? Will we become alien visitors ourselves are we going to bring home samples of alien life from other worlds? Think about it. If you visited another world and saw some of the events that we see on our own planet would you want to land and make yourselves known to this race seeing that they exterminate millions of their own species and other creatures that live in this world, then think again? Why would a UFO and its occupants really want to land on the lawn of The White House or in Trafalgar Square?

Only to be greeted by a race who will probably treat them in such a manner that they would be better off to crash in the Nevada Desert and be carted off to a top secret military base and cut up anyway because that’s the only chance of survival they may have. Not everybody on the planet would rejoice many people would run for their lives like scene from a B-Movie, it will bring mass hysteria to the entire globe the world would go on the rampage, religious faiths would be questioned, the social structure of life would start to crumble, basically we would be in a bad way a very bad way indeed.

So what chance do we have in making contact with a UFO with all this in mind, we would still get many sightings of course and no doubt plenty of footage to back the eyewitness statements of such sightings and many more cases of alien abduction, maybe for now this is all we may ever get that is until we ourselves learn to become a more civilised society, when we have something to offer our solar neighbors they may just show us a bit more of what we need to know, about their existence that is if they exist? But Spectrum will do our bit in this field and we will try to find some kind of answer ourselves. So watch this SPACE.