23:30 – 00:00 TEA ROOM: We will start with a meet and greet so we can get to know you better. Here, we will run through the rules, plans for the evening and what we hope to achieve from the investigation.   

00:00 – 03:00 During this time we will be demonstrating with your participation, some of the methods used within the field of paranormal research. This will include Ouija, Seance and EVP’s, as well as the use of Thermal Imagery and other such devices.

 “Please note, it is not compulsory to partake in any of the above experiments mentioned”      




£30.00 Inc Vat.Select options

Price: £30:00

Date: Saturday 6th May 2017
Event Duration: 11:30pm -3:00am
Parking:  Local Street Parking Only
Important: Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start time. If you arrive any later, you could be refused entry.


141-145 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8PB (Directly next door to Cash Converters)

Due to the nature of this location, it is not suitable for wheelchair access.

South Kentish Town is a disused London Underground station located in Kentish Town, North London. It was opened on 22nd June 1907 by the Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead Railway (CCE&HR) and remained for just 17 years until it was closed in 1924, due to low passenger usage.

Kentish towners of the 1930s may have preferred its later role as a spot to grab their smokes once it became a tobacconist’s. Or perhaps they picked up fuel at the coal merchant’s residing in the other half.

The station was adapted as an air raid shelter during WW2 and was equipped with bunks and a first aid post in 1940; these were removed immediately after the war. The platforms have also been demolished but there is no record of when this happened.

Although it is now a retail unit, the surface building survives on Kentish Town Road and is an imposingly solid link with the transport ambitions of a century ago, displaying some unkempt but nevertheless iconic Leslie Green terracotta arches of the sort still found at stations along the Northern, Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines.

The original passenger tunnels, lift shafts and burnished glazed tiling all remains, silent below street level. Decommissioned, largely sealed off and gathering an ever-thickening layer of dust. The abandoned passageways, lay frozen in time while the world carries on up above. There they sit waiting uncertainly as the decades roll by. Purposeless, vacant spaces… for now.

If you’ve happened to glance out of a window on a carriage rattling along at 20mph in near darkness, the painted sign ‘Castle Road’ might be spotted. That’s because the station was planned to be called Castle Road, however, this was changed just before it opened and the name had already been fired into the original Leslie Green tiles inside the station.

There is a story of a gentleman who became trapped in the disused Station shortly after its permanent closure. It is said that he accidentally alighted when the train stopped at the station and mistakenly opened its doors.

The terrifying possibilities of being stranded in a ghost station captured writer John Betjeman’s imagination, as it did the writers of a Tube staff magazine, who penned an amusing rhyme including the line:

“All day upon the platform Mr Brackett quietly fumed, His mind was full of pictures of the day he’d be exhumed”

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You will be expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner and follow these rules:

Event Rules

  • No drinking alcohol before and during an investigation.

  • No illegal drugs. If it is found that you are under the influence then you will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Do not bring people with you that have not paid for the investigation, they will be asked to leave.

  • Do not wonder off by yourself unless given permission to do so.

  • Follow the event plan set out for that evening, as we must know where you are at all times in case of an emergency.

  • Anyone who is deemed to be causing upset amongst the group by acting in an inappropriate manner will be asked to leave. 

  • Do not attempt to taint or fool around during any experiments that are conducted, you are required to take our attempts to gather evidence of the paranormal seriously.

  • Please respect each other’s ethnic background and religious beliefs. We have no tolerance for racism.

If you do not follow any of the above, you will be asked to leave with no refund.

SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD. is not liable for loss or damage to any items you bring to an investigation.

SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD. accepts no liability for any death, accident or injury caused to yourself.

SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD. is not liable for any damage that you may cause at a location, if you break something at the location, you will replace it.

SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD. records all of our events. By booking to attend one of our investigations, you automatically agree to be filmed and give consent for your image(s) and/or voice-recording being used on our Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or National Media and Press.  

Payment Terms

SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD. reserve the right to cancel any investigation at any time with good notice and reason i.e. (adverse weather) and if you have paid, you will be offered a refund or voucher to attend the re-scheduled event “Please note… You will not get a refund if you do not turn up or cancel at the last minute without a valid reason.

  • All tickets are individual to the person and cannot be used more than once.
  • If you turn up to an investigation and have not paid or do not have the money to do so you will be asked to leave.

It is advised that you wear suitable footwear and clothing at all times. Locations can be cold, treacherous and open to the elements. If you happen to possess any torches or equipment, we urge you to bring them along for your own safety and enjoyment. Please keep the lanyard you are given visible at all times, as this will identify that you are part of the event.