Ghost Hunts – Events

Spectrum will be hosting exclusive public ghost hunt events. Thus, allowing you to experience genuine paranormal investigations with experienced professionals. Our catalogue of locations provides you with the most haunted venues in the UK.

We will teach you what to look for and the techniques used in the field of paranormal research. Therefore, you will have full access to the venue and equipment. Because we will treat you in the same way as a team member for the evening.

Oxford Castle Ghost Hunt

Oxford Castle/Prison


RAF Rougham

RAF Rougham Airfield

Saturday 8th June 2019

Derby Gaol

Derby Gaol

Saturday 20th July 2019

Dudley Castle

Dudley Castle 

Saturday 10th August 2019

Charlton House

Charlton House

Saturday 28th September 2019

Ragged School

The Ragged School

Saturday 12th October 2019

Guest Experience

Selected at random from over 50 5-star reviews.

“What an amazing night I had with Spectrum Paranormal. It was my first ever investigation and yet they made me feel so welcome and really part of the team. The night itself therefore was a wonderful experience, amazing locations and such a well organised team of experts. After all I had a really good time, some laughs and yet some amazing interactions that I will never forget. By the same token I cannot wait to get a chance to get out on another investigation with this team!! Absolutely brilliant!!!”
Joe Michael Lee
“It was an amazing night we spent with Spectrum Paranormal. From the first moment, we met them they were friendly and in similar fashion we felt part of the team. From there the night just got better, fantastic locations, lots of fun and yet plenty of interaction. Nevertheless they were very well organised, we managed to do 4 sites in 1 night which is just extraordinary (especially the car convoy with the walkies… So much fun). Keep up the fantastic work can’t wait to be out with you again!!!”
Andrew Howe
“We have been on a lot of investigations with big commercial companies and therefore spent a small fortune! In contrast, Spectrum paranormal top the big boys by far! They let you into their lives yet on the other hand take you to amazing places to investigate the paranormal! Aka The screaming woods! Not for the faint-hearted!! We are gearing up for next the paranormal night out with the team!”
Adam Short
Thank you so much for such an interesting, unforgettable and most importantly an amazing experience. The team was very welcoming, gave a lot of information, and knew exactly what they was doing and how to create an amazing night. A Massive thank you to Hazel for being such an incredible team leader yet at the same time creating such a trusted, safe and amazing atmosphere/experience. THANK YOU!
Jack Medhurst
“Went to our first investigation last night and honestly couldn’t recommend it more! Similarly the team were fantastic, welcoming and and besides that they were very informative. Can’t wait until they do their next investigation, will be snapping up the tickets as soon as they go on sale! Likewise, recommend you do the same. Thank you again team!!!”
Hayley McGeown Lambert
My first paranormal investigation night and I absolutely loved it! The investigators are all so friendly and in similar fashion are easy to talk to! And yet, never thought we would get the response we did for the nuclear bunker! Definitely would go again x thank you for a good night xx
Paige Guidotti
Had a brilliant night last night with the team. It was my second event with this group. Last night i went from not believing to being very opened mined. Fantastic team very friendly… Me and most importantly my daughter cant wait for the next one.
Anthony Mcgann
I had a very interesting experience during the investigation with Spectrum! It was amazing getting to know the team members, the participants were very engaged in the process as well. Would absolutely recommend!
Marta Miskayran
Thank you for an unforgettable experience at Kelvedon Hatch. After all, I wish I had thought to ask someone to take a pic behind me, because when we were on the lower level I couldn’t shake the feeling however that someone was standing behind me when I was next to the information board. Looking forward to the next event with you.
Sandra Anne Rea
First timer however what an amazing experience. I would like to thank Dean and Danielle for making it an amazing night to remember and the team likewise for being very welcoming. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to do it again.Thanks guys xxxx
Kirsty Aspin