Margam Castle is the picture perfect example of a haunted location. Gothic architecture and grandeur heighten the castles eerie atmosphere. The frequent poltergeist activity, full-bodied apparitions of children and so forth. Has given the castle the reputation of being one of the most haunted in the UK.

20:00 pm – ARRIVE: We will start with an introduction. Following that, we’ll run through the rules and regulations for the event.

21:00 pm – START: Lights off! Groups split into teams and thus the investigation will begin.

00:00 am – BREAK: 30-45 mins (Light refreshments provided)

03:00 am – END OF EVENT

It should be noted. Those who want to wander. Of course, you can go off on your own. However, if time permits.

Price: £45

Date: Saturday 11th May 2019

Event Duration: 20:00 pm – 03:00 am (Guests can leave anytime they wish)

Address: Margam country park, Port Talbot, Glamorgan, SA13 2TJ

Parking: Car Parks near the site

Important: Please arrive 10-15 mins prior or could refuse entry. Be aware, book this event if you can drive or have some form of transportation to the location. In addition to this, it may therefore be worthwhile booking a local Hotel/B&B. Especially if you have a distance to travel.

Parts of the location isn’t suitable for wheelchair access. Those with mobility issues or walking difficulties will also struggle.

Margam Castle in Talbot, Wales. Inhabited for over 4000 years. It was an abbey during the 11th Century. The Gothic styled castle you see today was in fact a country house during the 19th Century. Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot commissioned the build. Which as a result took from 1830 to 1840 to complete.

The Talbots lived here in 1941. Purchased by David Evans-Bevan who found it large to live in. Consequently, moved to hope to find a public organisation to take over the castle. He failed to find a buyer and as a result it fell into disrepair. Thus, the local authority owned the castle for a time, but even so it wasn’t open to the public.

In 1977 a fire ravaged the building. It was due to this that restoration work subsequently began in earnest. Today, Margam Castle is a Grade I listed building. Under the ownership of the Neath Port Talbot Council.

Robert Scott

The most prominent of all the reports here is namely the ghost of Robert Scott, a gamekeeper many years at the house. Believed responsible for the most amazing poltergeist activity. As well as that, if you try and contact him, he is to throw stones at and close to you for instance. Also, Robert gives off a sense of anger and torment when felt. Subsequently related to his unjust murder by the gun of a poacher.

Victorian Children 

The sounds of children playing and giggling clearly throughout the corridors. Especially in the large rooms of the castle. These children manifest in the corner of your eyes, also darting into rooms. Reports thus say they wear Victorian dress. 

Other Reports

  • Night security undoubtedly has reported hearing heavy running footsteps.
  • Disembodied voices chattering at will. Even so, upon thorough inspection, no further explanation was ever found.
  • Staff have reported seeing a dark figure whilst tending the vast castle grounds.
  • The cavalier in the Tapestry thought to come in visitation. Believed to move chairs.
  • Conversations on EMF picked up. Revealed direct responses in particular from questions asked.
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Event Rules

  • First and foremost, no drinking alcohol prior or during.

  • Drugs. If found that you are under the influence, you will subsequently leave immediately.

  • Bringing people with you who have not paid for the investigation, will leave.

  • Don’t wander off by yourself unless clearly given permission to do so.

  • Follow the event plan set that evening, due to as we must know where you are.

  • Anyone causing an upset overall by acting in an inappropriate manner will therefore have to leave.

  • Refrain from attempts to taint any experiments conducted. Hence, you must take our attempts to gather evidence serious.

  • Please respect each other’s ethnic background and religious beliefs. We without a doubt have no tolerance for racism.

If you fail to follow any of the above, you will leave with no refund.


  • We can’t be liable for equally loss or damage to any items you bring to an investigation.

  • Accepts no liability for any death, accident or injury caused to yourself.

  • Claim no liability for any damage that you may cause at a location. Therefore, if you break something, you will replace it.

  • Recording of events. Attending our investigations gives consent in general for use of your image and voice recording. The website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or National Media and Press.

Payment terms

  • Permission to cancel any investigation at any time within reason i.e. Adverse weather. Poor ticket sales. In this case, if you have paid, you will receive a refund or voucher to attend the re-scheduled event.

  • Full payments – No refund granted if you fail to turn up. Importantly, 3 week notice required for full refund.

  • Deposits – We operate a Non Refundable Deposit system of 20% per person for our Events that are 4 or more weeks away.

  • All tickets are individual to the person. In addition, cannot use again for other events.

  • If you turn up without invoice or proof of purchase. As a result, you can’t attend.


  •  Over 60 5 star rated reviews.

  •  We always aim to give people the best value for money with our price guarantee.

  • You will have full access to the venue and equipment. We treat guests as extended members of our team on all events. More eyes & ears.. makes for more chance of capturing evidence.

  • No team member earns a wage from what we do.. It’s all done voluntarily out of passion and commitment.

  • All profit made from our Events go to funding our research (Equipment, business fees, acquiring new locations for events).

  • Have a loyalty card bonus scheme which rewards paying guests for their continued custom. (50% off when attended 5 and then a FREE event of their choice when the card is completed.)

  • Always keep group sizes to small and manageable levels. We feel this provides a more personal interaction and allows us to share our knowledge and expertise more effectively. Teaching methods and experiments used within the field of research. We love to help, educate and listen to your experiences.

  • Provide light refreshments such as hot drinks, biscuits, water, crisps etc on all our Events free of charge.


Full permission to use our equipment granted. Importantly, you will have access to a building of historic importance. For this reason, act appropriately.

Any persons caught stealing or causing damage WILL indeed face prosecution. In addition, (Please read our T&C’s if attending the event.)



£45.00 Inc Vat.Select options

Locations can be cold, treacherous and open to the elements. Also, if you happen to have any torches or equipment, we urge you to bring them along for your own safety and enjoyment. As a rule, please keep the lanyard given to you clearly visible. This nonetheless will identify that you are part of the event.