Near-Death Experience

The near-death experience has been for years a subject of great debate! People who have experienced this report it to genuinely be what occurs when we start our phase to exit our place in this world and take our path to the other side.  It’s a big belief that our relatives and friends are waiting for us when we reach the light at the end of the tunnel that so many people report seeing with an NDE.

It’s debated that the tunnel with light phenomena and indeed seeing our friends and relatives are results of hallucinations our brain produces after being starved of oxygen whilst in the process of our body shutting down and dying. Is this really what occurs? When we reach the light is this our internal life switch being turned off? Or is this our soul reaching the destination of the great beyond itself?

We ask you this, how is it possible for people who have experienced this amazing journey to have no reports of suffering from any irreparable brain damage or memory loss when they come to? If they are on the brink of death or even reported as clinically dead…. If the brain has been starved of oxygen…. Why are there no long-term physical effects? The question bids many answers for debate. What are your thoughts?

Most interestingly, some cases of NDE have been reported by blind people who have given accurate descriptions of operating theatres and surgical equipment that was being used on them whilst on the operating table; at a time when they would have been under full sedation for their procedures.  Accounts have been made stating that their soul left their physical body and could see themselves from above laying lifeless on the operating table, then a bright light would guide them to the path of the great beyond.  Exactly how can these accounts be made if they had no vision and have been certified as blind? These accounts only add strength to their personal claims.

What if these NDEs are real? Why have some of us been chosen to experience or remember this experience and have a second chance at life on earth? Were they chosen to spread the news that there really is a life after death? Is their experience a sign from a higher force telling them to inform people that a spiritual world exists in the form of a non-physical body? A paradise where we no longer feel aches and pains which we were troubled with while we had our physical body?

Many people take life for granted, and it isn’t until a life-changing moment occurs like an NDE or when you suffer a major trauma that you begin to question your own mortality. Is there a reason for this? Do people experience these things to change their ways? Are unseen forces guiding us? With these experiences we were given a second chance in our physical life and that we must use this very wisely, almost telling us our path needs to change direction.

Have you ever sat down and thought that you simply accept the fact you are alive and here, but, you have never given thought to life after your demise? We are trying to state in research of this subject of NDE is….do you ever wonder about life after death? Do you think you would live life differently if you ever had the experience of being close to death? If you saw a light at the end of the tunnel and knew there was something after this physical life…. What would you do differently? Or do you believe that this is simply a hallucination of the mind when the brain and body are being put under extreme trauma and lack of oxygen?

The great debate will always continue.