The Near-Death Experience has been the subject of many debates, people who have had this experience report that this is the way we exit our world, pass over to the other side, where our relatives & friends are waiting for us at the end of the tunnel?

Or is this like many believe the brain starving itself of oxygen causing us to have these illusions of seeing the light is it the brain getting ready to shut down permanently.

I ask you this, how is it that people who have been sent back from this amazing journey never suffer from irreparable brain damage or memory loss since they were reported to be on the brink of death or even clinically dead.

Yet some cases have been reported by blind people who have been able to give accurate descriptions of the operating theatres and the surgical equipment that was being used on them whilst on the operating table during a time in which they would have been sedated. Only later to report that they would have left the physical body & would have seen themselves from a viewpoint above the table on which they were laying, just prior to them going towards the light, plus the fact that they have never been able to see adds strength to their claims.

What if these NDE’s are real? Have some of us been given a chance to experience this, to come back and tell the living world that this is not our only journey in life, that we do move on to another plain, a place for us to exist in a spiritual form without our physical body, where we no longer suffer the aches and pains of the world in which we are familiar with, most people take life for granted that is until you have a life changing moment like an N.D.E or when you suffer a trauma and come out the other side and then find yourself seeking answers to what you had gone through, was it for a reason?

Have you ever thought that you seem to except the fact that you are alive but can’t except the fact that you carry on after your demise? What I am trying to say is that we only seem to except what we experience, like being alive for instance. But for those that have had a NDE, passing over is no longer a concern… it is now an experience.