Believed as one of the most haunted buildings in the UK, Oxford Castle has had its fair share of dark history. People put to death, served as a royal house for a time and a county jail. Stretching back 1000 years, it’s of little wonder so many spirits report to haunt.

20:00 pm – ARRIVE: We will start with an introduction. Following that, we’ll run through the rules and regulations for the event.

21:00 pm – START: Lights off! Groups split into teams and thus the investigation will begin.

23:30 pm – BREAK: 30-45 mins (Light refreshments provided)

02:00 am – END OF EVENT

It should be noted. Those who want to wander. Of course, you can go off on your own. However, if time permits.

Price: £45

Date: Saturday 2nd March 2019

Event Duration: 20:00 pm – 02:00 am (Guests can leave anytime they wish)

Address: 44-46 Oxford Castle Oxford OX1 1AY

Parking: Car Parks near the site

Important: Please arrive 10-15 mins prior or could refuse entry. Be aware, book this event if you can drive or have some form of transportation to the location. In addition to this, it may therefore be worthwhile booking a local Hotel/B&B. Especially if you have a distance to travel.

Parts of the location isn’t suitable for wheelchair access. Those with mobility issues or walking difficulties will indeed also struggle.

Medieval Castle, erected because of the Norman Conquest of England, 1066. Built to dominate the town which had taken considerable damage during the Conquest. Replaced with the stone in the 11th century, it was thus an integral part of the conflict of the Anarchy.

During the 14th century, the castle lost its value as a military stronghold. It became a county administration and detained prisoners. A vast amount of the castle received damaged during the English Civil War.

In the 18th century, the castle was again used to detain prisoners. But this time prisoners were local, rather than from across the county. In 1785, a new prison complex appeared on the grounds of the castle, which expanded in 1876. It becomes HM Prison Oxford. The prison closed in 1996. Redeveloped as the hotel, Malmaison Oxford.

The most terrifying report comes from one of the security guards on his nightly patrol. Security has long been wary of the location and experienced several things. Such as sounds, bangs, and the usual phenomena.

But, one dark night, the guard had reached the end of his patrol when his dog stopped, shuffling back growling. In fact, it was that moment when two large shadow figures appeared. As anyone would do, he ran at pace in the opposite direction. Days after the experience, his dog died, frightened to death!

Other reports

  • The figure of a woman walking the Castle Mound. Executed at the castle in 1752, murderer Mary Blandy. It is her ghost that people believe to see in the area where hanged.
  • In the 1970’s, a group was conducting a seance in one of the cells, when poltergeist activity erupted. Things got so bad that a priest had to exorcise whatever they had awoken.
  • A white mist rises up flights of stairs, disappearing when it reaches the top.
  • Disembodied footsteps heard in the prison wing corridor.
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Event Rules

  • First and foremost, no drinking alcohol prior or during.

  • Drugs. If found that you are under the influence, you will subsequently leave immediately.

  • Bringing people with you who have not paid for the investigation, will leave.

  • Don’t wander off by yourself unless clearly given permission to do so.

  • Follow the event plan set that evening, due to as we must know where you are.

  • Anyone causing an upset overall by acting in an inappropriate manner will therefore have to leave.

  • Refrain from attempts to taint any experiments conducted. Hence, you must take our attempts to gather evidence serious.

  • Please respect each other’s ethnic background and religious beliefs. We without a doubt have no tolerance for racism.

If you fail to follow any of the above, you will leave with no refund.


  • We can’t be liable for equally loss or damage to any items you bring to an investigation.

  • Accepts no liability for any death, accident or injury caused to yourself.

  • Claim no liability for any damage that you may cause at a location. Therefore, if you break something, you will replace it.

  • Recording of events. Attending our investigations gives consent in general for use of your image and voice recording. The website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or National Media and Press.

Payment terms

  • Permission to cancel any investigation at any time within reason i.e. Adverse weather. Poor ticket sales. In this case, if you have paid, you will receive a refund or voucher to attend the re-scheduled event.

  • Full payments – No refund granted if you fail to turn up. Importantly, 3 week notice required for full refund.

  • Deposits – We operate a Non Refundable Deposit system of 20% per person for our Events that are 4 or more weeks away.

  • All tickets are individual to the person. In addition, cannot use again for other events.

  • If you turn up without invoice or proof of purchase. As a result, you can’t attend.



Full permission to use our equipment granted. Importantly, you will have access to a building of historic importance. For this reason, act appropriately.

Any persons caught stealing or causing damage WILL indeed face prosecution. In addition, (Please read our T&C’s if attending the event.)



Locations can be cold, treacherous and open to the elements. Also, if you happen to have any torches or equipment, we urge you to bring them along for your own safety and enjoyment. As a rule, please keep the lanyard given to you clearly visible. This nonetheless will identify that you are part of the event.