Paranormal London by Gilly Pickup

Featuring our investigation of a disused London Underground station in Kentish Town.

“6th May 2017. This was our second public event held here. In attendance were 15 members of the public and approx. 4 members of staff from the station, as well as 5 spectrum team members. We started the evening with a group séance to build up and create an energy in the room to make contact with the spirit. During the séance, we all proceeded to form a circle and to hold hands thus to reduce interference from the public. Hazel – would then go on to ask a series of questions looking for a response. It didn’t take long for us get a reply…”

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London’s dark alleyways, ancient buildings and misty open spaces swarm with phantoms. Paranormal London takes you on a journey to visit and explore some of the capital’s spookiest places. We visit the haunts of murderers and sail on a phantom boat. Close encounters with chilling manifestations at infamous No. 50 Berkeley Square, hear the screams from Jack the Ripper’s victims as they roam the East End’s old streets. Find a headless duke. Visit the graves of plague victims and an unseen force that pushes you downstairs.