This is one subject that has had people perplexed, for I’m sure since mankind has begun seeing faces in everything from clouds to the moon.

Pareidolia (/pærᵻˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-doh-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon that covers a broad spectrum of related subjects from people hearing satanic verses in songs when the records are played backwards to images of religious icons being seen in everything from panes of glass to a slice of toast.

But every now and then one image appears to pop up, that even gets the sceptics scratching their heads for answers. Spectrum Paranormal Investigations have received an image that was taken on a night out with a group of friends holidaying on the Greek island of Cyprus, in the town of Aiya Napa. A popular holiday destination for young revellers.

This is the first time the image has been made public and we are truly grateful to the sender. Although the sender who wishes to remain anonymous at present, contacted us via our Facebook page almost immediately when he and his friends arrived back in the U.K.

Obviously disturbed by the image, he & his friends were seeking answers as into what they had captured in the photo whilst having a night out at a bar in the early hours of June 29th 2016.

The first image on the bottom left of this page was taken just moments before the second image on the right was captured.

This gives us a very good comparison to go on. We are trying to obtain evidence that the vest worn by the individual, does not contain any logos that could cause the Pareidolia effect.

You can make out what appears to be… Well, that’s where you come in! We would like your opinions on what you see in the photograph?