The Ancient Ram Inn is situated in Wotton-under-Edge, in the district of Stroud, Gloucestershire in England. It is a Grade II* listed building that dates to 1145. It sits upon Lay Lines that run between Ley Farm & Hetty Peglars Tump, the site of a late stone age graveyard.

John Humphries the owner of the Inn, is quoted as saying “the lay lines run directly through the Witch’s Room, The Church & Stonehenge”.

The Inn has been Investigated, by numerous paranormal research teams from all over the world. It is embedded into the culture of paranormal investigating as one of the top ten places to investigate! It has appeared on many T.V shows & documentaries that delve into this subject. It is said to house pure evil within its walls, but this has not deterred its owner Mr Humphries from sacrificing all that he loved and possessed over the years, to save this magnificent building from the hands of developers.

It is renowned for its ample ghost stories, poltergeist activities and connections to pagan rituals, that are said to have been carried out on the very grounds the inn was built upon. But there is one entity in question, that Spectrum Paranormal are very eager to investigate. And that’s the demon that Mr Humphries refers to as The Incubus (a parasitic sexual female demon)” Incubi” a 7ft tall dark figure. This would truly re-write the books, if this demon was caught on tape. Manifesting itself before us.

(Note: a parasitic sexual female demon is a Succubus and not an Incubus demon)