Being a research organisation rather than an events company means that we travel the length and breadth of the UK, undertaking investigations in people’s homes/business’. Real everyday people wanting help, advice and answers!

Making phone calls to listen to people’s experiences/concerns. Replying to hundreds of messages. Doing all we can to educate the public when dealing with potential phenomena, highlighting the bad habits and giving professional explanations to submitted evidence.

“The truth is, it was never our intention to go down the Public Events route. It was an avenue we had no choice but to pursue..”

Within the last few years, we have seen a sharp rise in event companies. When we first started out over 20 years ago, more often that not.. we could walk in to most locations freely and carry out our research at no charge. But the industry changed and we simply had to adapt to stand any chance of gaining access to these fantastic locations. Hence why we had to organise public events, reach out to the public and begin charging guests to attend. But, guests are always receptive to our reasonings, the low prices and it shows in the feedback and reviews we receive.

1. Over 60 5 star rated reviews.

2. We always aim to give people the best value for money with our price guarantee.

3. You will have full access to the venue and equipment. We treat guests as extended members of our team on all events. More eyes & ears.. makes for more chance of capturing evidence.

4. No team member earns a wage from what we do.. It’s all done voluntarily out of passion and commitment.

5. All profit made from our Events go to funding our research (Equipment, business fees, acquiring new locations for events).

6. Have a loyalty card bonus scheme which rewards paying guests for their continued custom. (50% off when attended 5 and then a FREE event of their choice when the card is completed.)

7. Always keep group sizes to small and manageable levels. We feel this provides a more personal interaction and allows us to share our knowledge and expertise more effectively. Teaching methods and experiments used within the field of research. We love to help, educate and listen to your experiences.

8. Provide light refreshments such as hot drinks, biscuits, water, crisps etc on all our Events free of charge.

“We endeavour to get to the crux of the question “Is there life after death?”. And we thank each and every person who has supported us on our journey so far. We look forward to seeing you all at our Events or even in your homes.”


Spectrum Paranormal Investigations